the project TirolCITY
New urbanity in the Alps


Tyrol is famous for its unspoiled nature, magnificent Alpine landscape and traditional farming. But in fact the agricultural sector today employs no more than 5% of the working population and more than 60% of the Tyrolean population live below 800m above sea level in the densely populated ‘Inntal’. The amorphous structure of the settlement area spreading along the 150 kilometres-long ‘Inntal’ and its adjoining valleys is home to 636 000 people (7.8% of the total Austrian population).

The research study TirolCITY – New urbanity in the Alps (Vienna/Bozen 2005) carried out by YEAN describes and analyzes the urban potential of the region, and presents new strategies for its future development. YEAN has produced a ‘TirolCITY map’ that presents the urbanized areas in the ‘Inntal’ and its adjoining valleys as one continuous city. While other cities have evolved ring-like around an already existing centre, TirolCITY is growing together steadily, beginning to form one long linear pattern. Separate municipalities are becoming urban quarters of one city. Their historic centres, which have long stagnated as pedestrian precincts, today seem more rural than they ever really were. In contrast, a mixture of trading, leisure, industrial and residential zones takes up the space in between. A new urban landscape is embedding itself in the mountain scenery.


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