25.10 – 23.12.2008
Orleons, France

TirolCITY at Archilab 2008
YEAN has been invited to participate at the Archilab 2008 International Architectural Conference in Orleans, France. The theme will be Europe Strategic Architecture.
 Links: www.archilab.org
26.09. 2007 – 13.01.2008
Innsbruck, Austria

 TirolCITY at Ferdinandeum
YEAN participates at the exhibition DIE KUNST DER LANDWIRTSCHAFT in Innsbruck, Tirol. An updated version of the TirolCITY map is presented next to outstanding art from the Alps.

Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum
Museumstrasse 15, 6020 Innsbruck

 Client: Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum
 Links: www.tiroler-landesmuseen.at
21.10 – 22.10.2005
Barcelona, Spain

 TirolCITY at eme3
Sometimes my garden is a city.
Several objects on a surface of artificial grass display the contrast between the natural and urban landscapes of the Tyrol: TirolCITY books are hanging from flower pots and a large parasol provides an intimate space in which to watch the TirolCITY film.
 Client: ADN asociación cultural multidisciplinar
In the course of the eme3 – 3rd Architectural market – Space and Time
 Links: www.eme3.org
Hall i.T., Austria

 TirolCITY at LA05
The audiovisual installation at the LA05 is based on the idea of a guided tour through TirolCITY. An old bus placed on a highway section, which is part of the exhibition, provides a projection space. Visitors are invited to enter the bus equipped with a city map of TirolCITY so that they can follow the virtual stops during the TirolCITY film.
 Client: Kunsthalle Tirol Betriebsges.m.b.H.
In the course of the LA05 – Tiroler Landesausstellung 2005 – The future of nature.
 Links: www.la05.at
Hall i.T., Austria

 Shopping HALL
What is happening to our historical town centres? They are increasingly turning into preserved open air museums or highly exclusive boutique landscapes. YEAN draws a parallel between the historical town of Hall in Tirol and the enclosed and mono-functional space of a shopping mall. The listed buildings are a perfect backdrop for the leisure industry. They provide a lovely space for commercial activities with a typical Tyrolian ambience: Shopping HALL.
 Client: Kulturlabor Stromboli
In the course of a series of cultural events, theme: Living in a monument.
 Links: www.stromboli.at
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